Fall Family Retreat


Retreat and Refuel

in the Sacramento Mountains

October 21-23, 2016

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Joshua 24:15

This year will be the 12th annual CAPE Fall Family Leadership Retreat. Come help us celebrate this great milestone! Do not let the name fool you. This retreat is open to all families because CAPE believes that you are all leaders of your children and your family’s homeschool. We design this weekend to balance fellowship, inspiration, information, fun, interaction, and even rest and relaxation!
We are families encouraging families, and we want to make sure every family has the information and encouragement they need to follow the Lord. We also want the opportunity to become better acquainted, build friendships, and learn how to serve you and your family more effectively. The time together is always blessed and is a great time to recharge halfway between the CAPE annual conventions.
There will be a fabulous program for all of the children (who are able to be away from Mom and Dad) that will run concurrently with all the scheduled adult sessions. This program teaches the children biblical truths, as well as provides a weekend full of entertainment and fun! The teens who attend have always been a great help with the children’s program and find themselves enjoying every minute. Any teen is also welcome to attend the sessions with their parents. It is our policy to require all older children to be with their parents if they do not wish to assist with the children’s program.
The children’s program is designed and supervised entirely by a homeschool graduate and homeschooled youth accountable to the CAPE Board, and is similar to a weekend of Vacation Bible School. It will include music, lessons, crafts, interactive stories, snacks, and games.
For more information, please contact Brian Shaw at info@cape-nm.org.


This is CAPE’s gift to you to come and enjoy some family time and fellowship. You will only need to pay for food and lodge to the Sacramento camp.

Registration: Two step process

1. Retreat Registration: First, you can either click on the registration link at the end (Sacramento Form) to register with CAPE, or you can email info@cape-nm.org for the same results.

2. Room and Board: Register separately with Sacramento Assembly for your room and meals for your family. That is done by clicking here on the 2016 form which is mailed in for your room and meals reservation. The PDF form has their required information.

*****Important***** Space will be limited, so remember to register early!

The link below is for the Sacramento Assembly Registration portion of the retreat. You will need to mail it in separately with instructions listed on the form:

Sacremento Form


Frank Malizzo- Pastor at Mountain Christian Church in Cedar Crest, NM. 


Though a churchgoer as a child, Frank did not hear the gospel until his early teen years.  In those years, the Lord gave him a fascination with the Bible, and a desire to know it for himself.  That desire continues to grow to this day.

After receiving his Masters degree in Math, and teaching briefly, Frank attended seminary.  He did not know if church ministry would be his calling, but it seems to have stuck.

Frank and Molly met in college at UNM, where they were involved in the same campus ministry.  Molly says that she “saw” Frank first; but Frank says that he was later “rejected” by her.  (There’s a longer story.)  In spite of all that, God’s great grace has prevailed.

Frank has served for 16 years at Mountain Christian Church, in the East Mountains of Albuquerque.  He enjoys a good strategy game, cheers for all things Chicago, and is personally convinced that Carne Adovada is the “red stuff” for which Esau sold his birthright.

Frank and Molly have nine children.  He loves it when she reads to all of them, and they cherish the sweet moments at home that they spend together.  They are homeschooling learners, and love to glean all they can from other travelers.

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